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-Sidewall cracking  this is any tire that has cracking in the side wall that is deep enough to get your thumb nail caught in.

-Feathering tires this is easly detected by rubbing your hand on the shoulder of the tire the edges will be uneven and lifted.

-Uneven ware this is when the tire is warn on one side and may measure one depth on one side and when you turn the tire 180 degrees measures less.

-Torn beads this is when you can see steal on the sealing edge of the tire. This is very dangerous and causes tire blow outs.

-Low tread any tire that is 1 millimeter above the wear bar is considered a tire that will pass saftey but is not recommended as the tire will preform under potential on wet slippery surfaces.

-D.O.T scribed out this is when the numbers have been cut out of the side wall of a tire. This means the manufacturer has recalled or adjusted the tire. Meaning the tire is unsafe or defective in some way from the manufacturer or has been used and is out of round.